2019 Acura RDX’s True Touchpad Interface is a “10 Best UX” Award Winner

By Justin Cupler | October 14th, 2018

The 2019 Acura RDX is has broken sales records since its June 2018 launch, and now it is an award winner thanks to its new infotainment interface.

The 2019 Acura RDX’s available True Touchpad Interface has earned itself a spot on WardAuto’s 10 Best UX list. This list includes only the latest and greatest in user experience in the automotive space, giving buyers a good idea of what infotainment systems are easiest to use.

The True Touchpad Interface system uses a touchpad and a large screen as its main interfaces, but they are far more than just a screen and a pad. The key features of this new system are as follows:

Stylish Look

Being a luxury crossover buyers look to for style, Acura paid great attention to the True Touchpad Interface’s aesthetics. This system combines a sleek touchpad that frees the center console of any clutter and a large, high-sitting touchscreen to create an upscale look.

Thought-Out touchpad

Acura put great thought in how the touchpad would function to help reduce distractions. One big complaint drivers have about other remote-interface infotainment systems is the need to align a cursor like on a computer to access programs. The Acura RDX’s True Touchpad Interface lacks a cursor. Instead, the touchpad uses absolute positioning to act like a downsized version of the touchscreen. Areas on the pad interacts correspond with the same areas on the touchscreen — no need to align a cursor or drag your finger.

The touchpad itself went through a lot of engineering to make it more user-friendly. Acura’s team realized finding the right position to touch on the pad could be a distraction, so the group came up with a physical border around the touchpad and concave design so the driver knows right where his or her finger is without looking at the pad.

Two-Zone touchpad

Acura broke the touchpad into two sections. We spoke of the primary section above, and the second section has the same properties as the primary, but it is thinner. The secondary touchpad allows the driver to cycle through the secondary infotainment features on the far right of the touchscreen. This allows the driver to answer a call, adjust the radio, and more without messing with the main display.

Going Old-School

There is nothing more annoying than a system that is too high-tech for its own good. Acura realized this and added three physical buttons directly above the touchpad. These buttons give the driver quick access to the home screen, the “Back” button, and the button to swap the cards on the secondary screen.

Skip the Touchpad Altogether

Don’t want to mess with a touchpad at all? The True Touchpad Interface is happy to oblige with its handwriting recognition and voice recognition. These systems allow the driver to “write” with their finger on the touchpad or speak their choices with natural speech.

Big, Beautiful Display

All the tech in the world cannot make up for a small, hard-to-read screen. The Acura True Touchpad Infotainment system boasts a 10.2-inch HD touchscreen mounted high on the dash. Not only is this screen crisp and clear, but its position puts it right in line with the driver’s vision, making it easy to see.

Familiar Customization

If you are familiar with the Android operating system, then you will love this new system. It is based on the same Android OS as your smartphone or tablet and allows you to customize apps in the same way. You can move your most-used or favorite app front and center on the home screen and move or delete ones you rarely use. You can also add favorite destinations and contacts for easy access.

Head-Up Display With All the Goods

On top of the infotainment system, the 2019 Acura RDX with the Advance Package includes a 10.5-inch head-up display with an array of customizable info right in your line of sight.

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