Acura Put Safety First in the 2018 MDX

The 2018 Acura MDX is packed with comfort and convenience features in all three rows and state-of-the-art safety tech that lets you drive with confidence. At Acura, the philosophy is simple – help protect everyone. That’s why AcuraWatch is now in every single 2018 MDX. This includes automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, lane-keep assist, and road-departure mitigation. Below are some of the benefits you can look forward to with AcuraWatch.

Automatic Emergency Braking

To help reduce the likelihood of a frontal impact, the automatic emergency braking system uses a radar system and high-resolution forward camera to scope out hazards, like vehicles or a pedestrian. The system can use up to 80 percent of the MDX’s braking power to help you avoid a crash or mitigate damages from a collision if you don’t hit the brakes in time.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Do you normally set cruise control on your daily commute? Then Acura technology just made your everyday drive a little easier. Just like with a conventional cruise control, the available adaptive cruise control with low-speed follow system on the MDX allows you to set a desired speed, but it also maintains desired distance from the car ahead of you. Give yourself some breathing room and enjoy the benefits of adaptive cruise control in light traffic.

Lane-Keep Assist

Using a forward-facing camera above the rearview mirror, lane-keep assist helps keep your 2018 MDX centered in a detected lane. If you guide the car out of a detected lane without signaling, the system will tug the steering wheel and guide the vehicle back to the middle of the lane. But you’re still in control, so you can override the automatic correction by continuing to guide the vehicle from the lane.

Road-Departure Mitigation

To help you keep your Acura MDX on the right path, the road-departure mitigation system uses a monocular camera to detect roadways and their lines. The system can even identify objects that would indicate spaces beyond the side of the road, such as trees or parked cars, to help you stay on course. When the system detects the MDX is about to leave the road, it warns the driver with a warning message and an amber head-up warning on Advanced models.

ACE Body Structure

The MDX uses the next-generation Advanced Compatibility Engineering body structure to enhance occupant protection and crash compatibility in frontal crashes. This structure helped the MDX models achieve a five-star overall safety rating from the NHTSA in single-impact tests. The design uses a network of connected structural elements to disperse crash energy throughout the front of the vehicle.

Vehicle Stability Assist

The vehicle stability assist system uses an array of sensors, antilock brakes, and Super-Handling All-Wheel Drive to reduce the dangers of oversteer or understeer. When it detects the potential for oversteer or understeer, it reduces the engine’s torque and applies brakes to each wheel as needed to help stabilize the vehicle. All-wheel-drive models will first use SH-AWD to redirect power between the front wheels and each rear wheel to maintain stability.

Blind Spot Information System

If the Blind Spot Information System detects a vehicle in the 2018 MDX’s blind spot, it will provide you with an icon on the side mirror. And if you activate your turn signal toward vehicle in your blind spot, the pillar light will flash to warn you so you can adjust and stay safe. The blind spot indicators only light up when the MDX is traveling above 20 mph, so they won’t come on when you’re parking, at stop lights, or in stop-and-go traffic.

360 Degree Camera

No matter how tight the spot, you can emerge from the MDX with it perfectly parked thanks to the advance package’s 360-degree camera. Four exterior cameras together give you a 360-degree view of the space around the SUV through infotainment screen. A camera button among the infotainment display controls or an even more conveniently located button on the end of the turn signal lever changes camera views.


Rear Cross-Traffic Monitor

Get an extra set of eyes in compact areas like parking lots and garages with the rear cross-traffic monitor. The 2018 MDX alerts you is you put the vehicle in reverse and another vehicle approaches from either side. With the multi-view rear camera in normal or wide mode, the rear cross-traffic monitor alerts you to approaching vehicles by an audible chime and amber arrows in the rear camera monitor.


The 2018 Acura MDX brings a lot to the table, especially in terms of safety. This well-rounded SUV provides you with the confidence you want every time you get behind the wheel. Look at our current inventory online and stop by to test drive a new Acura MDX today.


Images courtesy of Acura Media

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