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New Acura RLX

For Sale in Rochester, NY Area

The commanding new Acura RLX doesn’t need manipulation to persuade.

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Learn More About the New Acura RLX


Intuition unleashed by the will of the driver

Acura RLX Highlights

The commanding new Acura RLX doesn’t need manipulation to persuade.

  • Awarded “TOP SAFETY PICK+” from IIHS*
  • Earned “5-Star Overall Vehicle Score” in safety performance by NHTSA*
  • Trust the suite of AcuraWatch™ assistive technologies, grounded in prevention
  • Reap the benefits of AcuraLink® connectivity
  • Experience mobility unlike ever before with Precision All-Wheel Steer™
New Acura RLX For Sale in Rochester, NY
  • $54,900* Starting MSRP
  • 29* MPG/HWY
  • 5 Seats

Invest in a car that intelligently takes risks to be on top of the competition. Featuring the most innovative technology, discover a 360 Surround-View Camera System, next generation AcuraLink® connectivity, and Sport Hybrid Super Handling All-Wheel Drive for stunning maneuverability. Never sacrificing comfort, the RLX includes a tri-zone automatic climate control system, remote engine start to activate your interior settings, and just under 15 cubic feet of trunk storage. You can count on the new RLX to accommodate you in every way for every journey; whether you’re headed to Syracuse for a film at a theatre constructed nearly a century ago or interested in viewing eccentric works of art at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, take the car that can guarantee satisfaction.


Radiating brilliance from every angle
Exterior Features of the New Acura RLX at Garber in Rochester, NY


Exquisitely designed, the new Acura RLX features an exterior that looks as good as it functions, starting with energy-efficient Jewel Eye® LED Highlights. From cutting edge technology, such as the Surround-View Camera System for 360 perspective, to keyless access, and remote engine start, the RLX has it all. Looking out for unpredictable road and weather conditions, the Blind Spot Information System (BSI) helps with lane changes, while highly-capable side mirrors do everything from heating, expanding your view, and dimming bright lights.

Surround-View Camera System

Checking your surroundings is redefined in the Acura RLX, featuring a 360 perspective and front views to help you safely emerge from a tight parking space. Enjoy additional views looking ahead from both sides and the passenger side alone, and, of course, the traditional Multi-View Rearview Camera for easy reversing.

Ready Your Car Prior to Entering

Start up your Acura RLX and easily track ignition status by looking to three LED indicator lights on the key remote. Before you’re even in the RLX, climate controls will pre-set the interior to your desired settings and will adjust according to weather conditions by engaging the defrost system and seat heaters on cold winter days.

Leave Your Key Where It Belongs

For once, you can forget your key remote in your pocket or purse with the RLX. Indulge in door handles that light up as you approach for easy accessibility; the seats, steering wheel, navigation locations, and more will activate upon your touch. Cool down on a hot day by opening the windows and sun roof with the simple press of a button.

The Danger Zone

Thinking on its toes, Acura’s Blind Spot Information (BSI) System detects and provides visual indication if a vehicle in an adjacent lane is in the alert zone. Ease lane changing with BSI; if the driver signals when a car is in the blind spot, a light will flash and a buzzer will sound.

Intelligent Side Mirrors

Don’t overlook the RLX’s outward-curved side mirrors, containing a plethora of advances, including automatic heating and tilting capabilities, the ability to return to preset positions, and a thin line of LED lights. Try out available automatic folding and dimming options to keep your mirrors and your eyes damage free.

Designed to reproduce sunlight

Like a fresh set of diamonds glittering in a showcase, the Jewel Eye LED Headlights will leave you stunned, under a midnight moon or summer sun. Using less energy, lasting significantly longer, and shining whiter and brighter, the decision is obvious.


Simply Astounding
Interior Features of the New Acura RLX at Garber in Rochester, NY


Discover a little bit of luxury in every corner of the new Acura RLX. Don’t leave your passengers’ comfort to question, with three sunshades to close out the sun for a nap and the ability to take control of the environment with a tri-zone climate system. Delve into a spacious trunk with just under 15 cubic feet of cargo room and a hidden compartment, providing spots for all of your valuables. Try out the electronic gear selector for improved fuel efficiency and the Krell® Audio System for the highest quality sound you can imagine.

Enhance Passenger Comfort

When you’re in charge of driving others, their satisfaction is of utmost importance. Giving you options to impress, the Acura RLX offers a power sunshade that rises from the rear passenger shelf, but that’s not all; block sunlight even further with manual slide-up sunshades to cover the main window and a smaller screen for the rear-quarter window.

ELS and Krell Audio Systems

The ELS Studio Premium Audio System is now a standard feature in the RLX and was designed by Grammy® award-winning engineer, Elliot Scheiner. But what if you want more? Available Krell Audio System contains all elements of the ELS system, however, the speakers and amplifiers are Krell designed. Renowned for one-third less distortion than competitors, sharper clarity of mid-range bass, and a more unobtrusive presence- it’s time to take your music to the next level.

Competitive Cargo Space

Acura designers continue to amaze, providing just under 15 cubic feet of trunk storage to accommodate a surprising amount of your belongings. Under the trunk floor, discover hidden cargo for flat-stowing of a tool kit or first aid bag. Furthermore, front-drive models offer a pass-through space behind the rear seat armrest for long items, such as a set of skis.

Acura Electronic Gear Selector

Moving away from conventional and embracing novel, the Acura RLX features a 7-speed dual clutch transmission that is operated through an Electronic Gear Selector. Designed with an emphasis on fuel efficiency and smooth shifting, the gear selector provides buttons for “Drive” and “Sport” modes, and levers for “Reverse” and the Parking Break.

Personalize your Environment

Featuring a unique tri-zone automatic climate control system, the RLX affords the driver, front passenger, and folks in the back the luxury of adjusting their own temperature and airflow settings. Going above and beyond, the GPS system tracks the sun’s position and intensity in order to adjust the cabin settings accordingly.


The art of combining practicality and ingenuity
Technology Features of the New Acura RLX at Garber in Rochester, NY


The new Acura RLX is not your average ride with some of the most progressive technology, almost unthinkable for a car. Keep in-touch with your RLX with next-generation AcuraLink® and a highly competent Navigation system, helping you determine the best route to your destination. Just like magic, keep your hands on the wheel and initiate, receive, and respond to calls and text messages with smartphone integration and Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink. Refer to a simplistic touch screen multi-use display for easy access to any and all controls, presented with a mere nine buttons.

AcuraLink The Next Generation

Linking your RLX to your smartphone keeps you informed and connected. Receive notifications if an airbag is deployed, lock and unlock right from your smartphone, and view traffic levels with AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic™. You can also send locations from your smartphone to your RLX and enjoy available concierge assistance.

Need help finding the way?

Expertly-designed, the responsive Acura RLX Navigation System allows you to issue commands via voice-recognition and easily view maps in high-resolution on an 8-inch screen. Want more? The RLX features a destination database with addresses and points of interest, in order to cater to your travel needs.

Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink

Acura places the value of human life before anything, providing you with safe options to stay connected. The RLX allows you to receive and initiate phone calls through the audio system, featuring impressive microphones to clearly receive your voice. Trust the car that places the most important things in life first.

Eyes Ahead, Hands on the Wheel

Enabling you to smartly respond to text messages and email, the RLX allows you to pair your SMS-compatible phone to the voice-recognition system. With this, receive alerts about incoming messages, have your texts read to you, or choose to call the person if necessary. Minimize distractions and optimize your drive with Acura technology.

On Demand Multi-Use Display

It’s important to command technology, instead of allowing the reverse to happen. The Acura RLX does this by simplifying it. With only nine controls on the touch screen, quickly access whatever function needed. Shortcut screens give you easy access to your favorite pre-sets and the ability to disable certain functions when receiving valet service.


You’ve never seen control like this
Safety Features of the New Acura RLX at Garber in Rochester, NY


Why stress safety so aggressively? Acura is passionate about preventative measures because life is far too precious to wait for an accident to happen. The new RLX stays one step ahead with a multitude of available AcuraWatch™ assistive technologies, including Lane Keeping Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, Road Departure Mitigation, Vehicle Stability Assist™, and Collision Mitigation Braking System™. In the event of a collision, your RLX is prepared with ACE™ body structure and sophisticated airbag sensors to protect you and your passengers more than ever before.

A Broader Take on Adaptive Cruise

Allowing you to engage Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) in all kinds of driving situations, new Low-Speed Follow prompts you to set a speed and following-interval from the car detected ahead, and then, the RLX will maintain the settings with the ability to bring the car to a complete stop. Achieve safer driving with less stress in the Acura RLX.

Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS)

Taking turns or becoming distracted while driving are factors we may experience on a daily basis. The RLX knows how to counter these situations with LKAS, proactively keeping you in the center of the lane with a slight tug of assistance. Not taking the wheel from you, simply having your back when lane drift occurs.

Avoid veering off the road

According to reputable sources, IIHS and HLDI, in 2014 approximately 20% of motor vehicle deaths occurred as a result of leaving the road and hitting a fixed object. Take measures to prevent becoming a part of this statistic with Road Departure Mitigation (RDM) in the RLX, a system that visually alerts the driver and tightens the seat belt if drifting off the road.

Advanced Compatibility Engineering™

Front-end collisions can occur at many levels, from minor to severe head-on accidents; given their occurrence, what kind of protection would you want? Experience the sophisticated, next-generation ACE body structure, designed to evenly distribute frontal crash energy for increased safety in the RLX.

Exceptionally Responsive

Minimize the dangers during slippery driving conditions, when cornering, or accelerating on loose surfaces with Vehicle Stability Assist, capable of helping provide better traction and preventing rollovers. Intelligently regulating the engine’s output and selectively applying braking, the Acura RLX corrects before you even have a chance to react.

Collision Mitigation Braking System

It is one thing to be protective during a collision, but what is there to say about a system that can help you avoid it entirely? Acura designers have implemented CMBS™ to alert you of a potential collision ahead with seat belt tightening, light braking, and if the collision becomes unavoidable, strong braking is automatically applied to lessen potential damage.

Taking Care of the Little Ones

Whether you’re toting your newborn around or Grandma is watching the little ones for the day, the RLX is prepared with lower anchors and tethers for easy installation of child seats. Always feel confident with sophisticated airbag sensors, and auto-reverse windows and moonroof.

An Equipped Security System

With advanced AcuraLink® functionality, you will remain connected and informed in the event of a break-in. Besides the basics, such as disabling the ignition, sounding the horn, and flashing the lights, the RLX will alert you via your smartphone. If stolen, the system will track your vehicle’s location, leaving zero room for doubt.


What are you waiting for?
Performance Features of the New Acura RLX at Garber in Rochester, NY


Capitalizing on the best-of-the-best, the new Acura RLX introduces breakthrough systems, such as Precision All-Wheel Steer™ and available Sport Hybrid Super Handling All-Wheel Drive for unmatched agility with unheard of rear-wheel mobility. A 3.5-liter, 310-hp V-6 engine helps the RLX achieve an impressive fuel efficiency of 29 mpg highway* and a racing-like driving experience.

Powerful and Proficient

Pumping out a 3.5-liter, 310-hp V-6 engine is just scratching the surface. It also features Direct Gas Injection, Variable Cylinder Management™, and the Acura i-VTEC® system for improved fuel efficiency and robust performance. The Drive-by-Wire™ system varies throttle sensitivity to provide appropriate response and feel in correlation with driving conditions.

Precision All-Wheel Steer

Making itself untouchable, the RLX introduces handling unlike ever before. Pioneering all-wheel mobility, the rear wheels can pivot in the same direction as the front wheels, angle slightly in the opposite direction, and point inward for unparalleled stability and maneuverability when changing lanes, taking turns, reversing, and high-speed braking.

“Torque Vectoring”

Shocking the world with available Sport Hybrid Super Handling All-Wheel Drive, rear electric motors assign the rear wheels responsibility when taking curves, making it incredibly nimble and agile without detracting from engine power. You know the industry has it figured out when “torque vectoring” is coined to describe the phenomenon.

A Standard Luxury

Intertwined with the VSA® system, Agile Handling Assist® utilizes active braking on an inside wheel for improved handling and smoother driving through curves. Requiring less steering inputs from you and enhancing the drive, how could you turn down a feature that makes your life easier?

Satisfying Fuel Rating

Taking 800 trips to the wind tunnel, the Acura RDX achieves an impressive fuel rating of 29 mpg highway*, making it one of the most aerodynamic sedans on the road. Unleash your temptation for adventure at a price that won’t break the bank.

No Limits

Performance from the Gods

Free your wants and needs in car that can cater to all of them. The new Acura RLX has an attractive array of features, such as available Krell® Audio System for magical sound, Agile Handling Assist® to ease curve-taking, and unbelievable AcuraLink® security capabilities. Treat yourself and your passengers to AcuraWatch™ safety measures prepared to sense and prevent danger in all directions, including Lane Keeping Assist, Road Departure Mitigation, Collision Mitigation Braking, and more to cover every inch of the RLX.

The time has come to upgrade your life with the Acura RLX. Stop in to Garber Rochester on Henrietta Road today and let us show you how the RLX can cater to your needs!

New Acura RLX For Sale in Rochester, NY
  • $54,900* Starting MSRP
  • 29* MPG/HWY
  • 5 Seats

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*MSRP: Prices shown are Acura suggested retail prices only and do not include taxes, license or destination and handling charge. Destination & Handling charge is $995 for sedans and $995 for SUVs. Acura vehicle accessory costs, labor and installation vary. Dealers set their own prices. Please consult your selected dealer. MSRP is for the 2018 Acura RLX.

*2018 EPA Mileage: MPG shown is for the 2018 Acura RLX V-6 P-AWS. Based on 2018 EPA mileage ratings. Use for comparison purposes only. Your actual mileage will vary, depending on how you drive and maintain your vehicle, driving conditions, battery pack age/condition (hybrid only) and other factors.


*NHTSA 5-Star Overall Vehicle Score:

*U.S. News Award Rating:

*Edmunds Rating:

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